Tuesday, February 10, 2009

World Bank's corruption report on the Arroyo's administration and the consequence

The long list of controversy and corruption link to President Gloria Macapagal, her family and allies never ends. The funny but serious thing is, their shameful act goes global.

After NBN-ZTE corruption deal and other local scandal....Here comes the World Bank's report of allegation of corruption to the Arroyo administration.

Again, first gentleman Mike Arroyo is involved in this new controversy. He is being named protector of colluding contractors in a $33-million road project. To the rescue on Mike's defense are their allies and administration legislators who are now calling the World Bank's report as inconclusive and a false report.

The World Bank had uncovered a major monopoly involving local and international firms bidding on a Philippine road project. WB blacklisted three local construction firm and four from China from bidding on its projects due to alleged corruption.

Have you notice, the President is still mum with this controversy and only her pet congressmen are the one barking...

The image of the Philippines is being shadow by corruption, lies and bad governance. With this latest corruption allegations, I'm sure that foreign aid donors are now thinking if they will pursue their business/project here in the Philippines. This will be a big blow on the country’s development efforts in the future.

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