Thursday, March 19, 2009

Philippine government want 10 centavos tax for every text message, (Good and Bad point)

At first, the Philippine government especially the members of the House of Representatives are playing the role of a savior/Knights of the shining armor as they push an idea that the Cellphone text messages service must be free of charge that will benefit the millions of Filipino users. Telecom companies immediately objected to this proposal.

Now, it seems the government's real intention is to just pressure the Telecom companies (Globe, Smart, Sun) and strike a deal that they can impose 10 centavos tax for every text message sent for government income.

The problem will land to the hands of the subscribers. Why? Consumers would likely bear the brunt of the additional cost of text messaging. Telecom fims will just pass this tax to their consumers.

Actually, it is not bad idea to tax the text messaging service especially if the revenues that will be collected will be use in government services.

But the problem is with an estimated two billion text messages sent daily, there's no guarantee that the money earn in this collection will goes to the proper services.

A big possibility or may I say the realty that a part of it will goes to the pocket of corrupt government officials.

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