Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stop kidnapping by the Abu Sayyaf with a strict no-ransom policy

The kidnapping in the Philippines especially in the island provinces of Sulu and Basilan is a lucrative source of funds for criminal bandits like the Abu Sayyaf.

The no-ransom policy must be follow because people or groups that will give in to these criminals will just encourge them to continue this kind of industry.

The funny thing is, some people is using the word "board and lodging fee” for the exchange for the release of captives. For we all know that is an another word for Ransom money. Who are they fooling?

Right now many are doubting on the recent release of Red Cross volunteer Mary Jean Lacaba. Many feels that ransom was paid in exchange for her freedom. It is now reported that $5-million ransom money is the latest demand of the Abu Sayyaf Group for the two remaining foreign Red Cross volunteers (Italian Eugenio Vagni and Swiss national Andreas Notter).

If a ransom was paid, it will just allow these criminals to get away with the money and their crime. Abu Sayyaf are the kind of criminal groups that has no true ideology.

Some politician must stop meddling with the negotiation and military operation. Making some unauthorized backdoor negotiations will just make it worst. Some politician must also stop using the media in threatening the government.

Some people will says that any possible ways for the safe release for the captives must be use but the best action to stop this kidnapping industry is the strict no-ransom policy and pressure from the authorities.

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