Thursday, June 25, 2009

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford admits extramarital affair

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford who disappeared for the past couple of days, is now confessing that he is in Argentina and admits that he is having an affair with a close friend.

An emotional Governor apologized to his wife Jenny Sanford, staff and family.
Gov. Sanford said, “Let me first of all apologize to my wife and my 4 boys. I’ve let down a lot of people, that’s the bottom line. I’m here because if you were to look at God’s laws they are designed to protect people from themselves…it is indeed to protect ourselves from ourselves.”

“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife. I developed a relationship with what started out with a dear dear friend from Argentina. Recently over this last year it developed into something much more than that.”

“We developed a remarkable friendship over those eight years and then as I said about a year ago it sparked into something more than that,” Sanford explained. “I have seen her three times since then, during that whole sparking thing. … It was discovered five months ago and went into serious overdrive.”
The Governor went missing for five days. His wife said she didn’t know exactly where he went. His office said he was taking a break and is hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

But in the end, he is busy hiking an extramarital affair. One is sure, he just ruined his future political aspirations.
[Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images]

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