Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amnesty for Abu Sayyaf group? Foolish Idea

Is Senator Richard Gordon on his right mind? He is proposing for an amnesty option for the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf. Senator Gordon is just giving a wrong message that those behind abductions, beheadings, and other crimes can get away with it, just wait for an amnesty.

The Abu Sayyaf are groups with no political organization. They only engaged with criminality.

Would you give amnesty to the Abu Sayyaf group who are definitely a terrorist, murderer, arsonist, extortionist, kidnappers, bombers and capable of doing other vicious crimes?

Granting an amnesty will never guarantee a peaceful Mindanao or a safe Philippines.

It will just encourage other criminal groups to pretend as a group with political belief and continue the industry of kidnapping and other criminal acts. They will just probably wait for an amnesty once again from the government to escape prosecution.

What will happen to the victims and their families who are still seeking justice?

Giving amnesty to Abu Sayyaf is a very foolish idea. Senator Gordon must clear his mind and judgment.

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