Monday, July 13, 2009

Eugenio Vagni finally breathe the air of freedom

Thank God! The last Red Cross volunteer who was kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf group is finally released. Almost six months of captivity, Italian volunteer Eugenio Vagni finally breathe the air of freedom.

It is still unclear if there's ransom involved or the good timing of the recent arrest of six suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf, including two of the wives of Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad has help to build a new plan for Vagni's released.

It seems the government use the wives of Parad as a bargaining chip for the release of Vagni.

With this development, the Philippine government must minimize the movement of the terrorist group and finally eradicate the bandits.

[photo courtesy of AP Photo/Nickee Butlangan]

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