Monday, July 20, 2009

Why President Arroyo haven't sign the EO for maximum retail price for cheap medicine?

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo really knows how to juggle her situation with the pharmaceutical companies and the much needed MRP of Cheaper Medicines Law.

The big pharmaceutical companies definitely doesn't want the maximum retail price (MRP) to be implemented but still they submitted their own product price reduction and now still pending.

Many are asking why is it that President Arroyo haven't sign the executive order that will implement the maximum retail price (MRP)?

An E.O. for maximum retail price will lower the prices (almost half) of more than 22 essential medicines that will benefit all Filipinos.

It seems the President has no intention of signing the needed executive order but if the EO is about blocking truth over corruption (like ZTE deal and Hello Garci scandal), the President automatically signed Executive Order 464 which prevents cabinet members, police and Armed forces to attend congressional hearings unless the President gives permission to those who will attend the said proceedings.

The Cheaper medicines law is expected to bring down the price of medicines in the Philippines but it seems this administration has no power to implement these especially the Presidential 2010 Election is just around the corner. (Possibly there bargaining for more funds coming from pharmaceutical companies for election campaign.)

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