Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hospitals wants a service fee hike due to.....

Is this greediness or they just really want to recover their losses over the Cheaper Medicines Bill to maintain their employees-business?

Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAP) want to raise fees on their service charges due to 50-percent slash in prices of the 21 essential medicines. They insist that the hike in service fees is a better move than retrenching workers or closing down in-house pharmacies.

Do you believe on PHAP's claims that their industry are now suffering?

Even though there's a 50 percent price slash on the 21 essential medicines, many don't believe that their losing money. Actually the current price of medicine in the Philippines are still much higher than the prices from other countries.

This is just a small token of sacrifice that they must take to help the less privilege but it seems their considerably greedy to understand. The government must investigate and open their books to see if they are really losing great amount of income.

This is the kind of things that makes the poor more poorer and the rich to become more richer.

They must justify all of their actions, so that the public can accept their service price hike.

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