Thursday, December 3, 2009

Marilyn Monroe smoking pot (video)

Checkout this homemade clip of Marilyn Monroe allegedly smoking pot. It was taken more than 50 years ago. A woman, who claimed to be Monroe's friend found this recording (1958-59) while she was cleaning up her attic.
“I had it up in my attic all this time,” says the woman who shot the film, basically a home movie. The friend of Marilyn, who doesn’t want to be named publicly, said she regularly hung out with the starlet in the 50s, and thought nothing to be hanging out with her. “Home movies, that’s all it was. It was never a big deal for me.”

“It was all real casual, it was just friends hanging out,” she said. “She was the same [after smoking] — a little giggly.”
The homemade clip have been sold for $275,000 to collector Keya Morgan. She is is currently making a documentary on the actress.

Watch below the never-seen-before video of late actress smoking cannabis..

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