Thursday, October 30, 2008

UPDATE: Other product without Melamine as of Oct. 29 '08

After declaring the Sunflower Crackers Blueberry Cream Sandwich is melamine free by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), the agency also tested the other Sunflower products and they gave a thumbs up signal on the rest of the product.

Here are the other list of Melamine FREE Sunflower product:

  1. Sunflower Brand Honey Grahams (whole wheat)
  2. Sunflower Duo Cracker Sandwich (Peanut and Chocolate Cream)
  3. Sunflower Brand Crackers with Real Cheese
  4. Sunflower Brand Crackers Chocolate Sandwich
  5. Sunflower Duo Cracker Sandwich (Strawberry and Blueberry Cream)
  6. Sunflower Brand Choco ’N Cream (Choco-Coated Strawberry Sandwich)
  7. Sunflower Brand Crackers Onion-Garlic Flavor
  8. Sunflower Brand Crackers Lemon Cream Sandwich
  9. Sunflower Brand Crackers Strawberry Cream Sandwich
  10. Sunflower Brand Crackers Butter Flavor
  11. Sunflower Brand Graham ’N Creme (Healthy Whole Wheat)
  12. Sunflower Brand Crackers Chicken Flavor
  13. Sunflower Brand Crackers Great Original Flavor
  14. Sunflower Brand Crackers Orange Cream Sandwich
  15. Sunflower brand Crackers Mango Cream Sandwich

For the rest of List of Milk item and mil-based products without Melamine.

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