Sunday, November 16, 2008

Agreeing with Idiotbox about Piolo Pascual's bad commercial

I want to write a post entry criticizing Piolo Pascual "Speed Babad" detergent commercial but upon browsing I have read a post from Idiotbox who is also scratching his head and giving a negative reaction to the said commercial.

All of Idiotbox points are positively true and I agree with him. From a hunk Piolo to a misleading laundry man.

Some points that I think I must include:

1. I'm not sure if its all about the money but the sure thing is, his not thinking the word "credibility" that he is indeed using the said product.

2. Speed management only proves that they have big budget and can afford the services of Piolo Pascual.

3. The product gained more publicity but it creates a doubtful effect for the endorser.

4. Image is everything in the entertainment industry, you cannot blame people if your image is being judge.

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