Friday, November 14, 2008

Frustrated in Jocelyn "JocJoc" Bolante testimony in the Fertilizer Fund Scam

Watching the live television coverage of the Senate Hearing for the Fertilizer Fund Scam featuring the architect of the said fiasco Jocelyn "JocJoc" Bolante, I was blown away on some revelation and it seems he is prepared to go on battle.

I feels the frustration of the Senators on their failure to pressure JocJoc Bolante in telling the truth. Bolante's testimony is just a roller coaster ride.

This are some points that I noticed:

Point 1: JocJoc Bolante seems Ok and his treatment in St. Luke's Hospital is just a delaying tactics to prepare his script of lies. Bolante did not show any sign of exhaustion even though he was grilled for more than 10 hours by the senators.

Point 2: He is a Presidential appointee. The funny things is he doesn't know who endorses him. Again he lie, the President will never put a person to a position if he/she is not an ally.

Point 3: It is shocking that Bolante has power to release and distribute P728 million to 159 local government officials. Surely, the money landed on the hands to the people close to the administration. It is incredible that an undersecretary would be able to have such a huge amount released on his own.

Point 4: Another shocking moment is when didn't know any official that supports the President.

Point 5: His mission on said hearing is to save the President. He said, "President Arroyo was not involved in this particular project of the Department of Agriculture."

Bolante prefer to take the full responsibility on the Fertilizer fund mess.

Point 6: Bolante shows that he can lie and handle the raining accusations of the Senators.

Point 7: He is really poise under pressure. This means he is a Professional lying machine.


The Senator must think another strategy, get more witness and evidence to pressure Bolante to tell the truth.

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