Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Filipinos must Unite against Term Extension

Once more, Filipinos must unite. Amending the Constitution is not bad and it's highly needed but extending the term of the allies of Malacañang especially President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo are simply foolishness.

Greediness is the main reason why administration allies want their boss to stay in power. The fresh move to push the Charter Change will just make a mockery in our democracy.

The Congress is busy finding away to help the President stay in power beyond her term. Two separate resolutions in the lower house, both proposing Charter change, have been gaining majority greedy support from the Congressmen.

The President has the lowest popularity rating since she took office, the credibility of her saying that she will not go beyond 2010 is just a hoax. The corruption will just continue on and on if she still seat to power.

Is our country still important to our our fellow Filipinos, It seems the lies of the Arroyo administration is much stronger that the patriotism to our country.

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