Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Alabang Boys" drug-bribery scandal update: family vs. family

The investigation and revelations on the "Alabang Boys" drug-bribery scandal in a congressional inquiry is becoming ugly and shocking. The three drug suspects (Richard Brodett, Joseph Tecson and Jorge Jordana Joseph), their prominent families and the other people involved from Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is beefing up their testimonies and evidence.

Aside from the bribery controversy on the dismissal of the case, the more shocking revelation is when one of the suspect's uncle and cousin testify against him.

Anthony Brodett testify against his cousin Richard Brodett, saying that he is indeed a drug user and drug trader.

Anthony Brodett said he used to take drugs with his cousin, who started the addictive habit when he was still 16 years old. The suspect started selling drugs 2003.

Anthony said "business must be good for them [Richard and his family]" because they were able to put up two buildings since Richard started pushing drugs.

Anthony also reveals that Richard's family knows his illegal activities and the mother of the suspect is also allegedly a drug User.

Wow, the new development is becoming like a television series. I only hope that the government will show their sincerity and power in putting criminals and corrupt government officials involved in the bribery controversy in jail.

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