Saturday, January 3, 2009

Something very fishy on the "Alabang Boys" drug case dismissal

Once again, corruption is being pinpoint on the recent dismissal recommendation of the prosecutors at the Department of Justice over the "Alabang Boys" drug case. My sympathy to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and their agents who are just doing their job in capturing drugs suspects who accidentally comes from prominent families.

The PDEA officials are accusing the suspects’ families of bribing P 50 million to corrupt government officials for the dismissal of the case. The so-called "Alabang Boys" are the three rich kids nabbed for alleged drug possession are also top-level drug peddlers.

The funny thing is one of the father of the suspects described his son as a “social user” of illegal drugs and denied that his son is a drug pusher. PDEA seized from the buy-bust operations were 60 Ecstasy tablets, 11 sachets of cocaine and drug paraphernalia, including a marijuana grinder and weighing scales. What you called that a user?

The father of the suspect is living a lie. If you comes from a prominent rich families they called it “social user” but if you are small time seller or a user, you are called a "drug addict/pusher".

It's what we called combining lifestyle discrimination and corruption. Currently, a reinvestigation is on the way. Dismissing that drug case will be a sign of failure for government officials who are just doing a honest and truthful service.

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