Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Twilight" fans doesn't believe that ABS-CBN can do a tasteful TV adaptation

Many fans of the hit Stephenie Meyer's novel and film "Twilight" are outrage and angry commenting online about the Twilight's Philippine TV adaptation of ABS-CBN.

They releases this news on their ABS-CBN's official website but suddenly after few days they step backwards and they announced that there is no truth about the said TV project.

What is clear here are it is not a good idea for ABS-CBN of thinking of buying the rights to create a local version of the "Twilight" film. Fanatics or not with those unpleasant comments, they doesn't believe on the capabilities of ABS-CBN to delivers a tasteful TV remake.

Next time, ABS-CBN must be careful in such false publicity on their official website.

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