Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting rid the "Nuisance" candidates in Philippine election 2010

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is reportedly planning a new rule for the upcoming national election in 2010 and this time I definitely agree with this idea.

They want put a P1-million “campaign bond” to stop and get rid of so-called nuisance candidates. We have to much politician who are making a mockery on our government, we must not add more....

Actually this proposal make sense, political campaigns in the national level are always link to parties or individual having funds that's why person who is incapable of producing or gathering such amount for “campaign bond” cannot support his so-called ambition to serve his/her people.

This proposal will never get rid 100% all nuisance candidates but it will help lessen unwanted candidates.

There are some wicked politician who are looking for candidates with similar names with their rival to make some confusion on election ballots for the voters.

This will help to sort the names that will in the list for a computerized elections.

The important thing are candidates must present their vision and platform of government that they will follow if they will be elected to power not like what happening to the present government right now.

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