Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LBC pulls out TV commercial due to spelling confusion

Philippines' Department of Education got concern over the effect of a popular TV commercial from LBC Express Inc. showing a spelling parody from grade school students. [three videos below]

DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus sent a letter to the company for the immediate pullout of the said TV commercial as as it may give students bad spelling habits.

Lapus said, “We respect the advertiser’s right to promote the product or service that it offers but we believe that this type of advertisement would tend to confuse young viewers."

In a quick response, LBC has ordered its advertising agency to discontinue the airing of its controversial advertisement.

In the said TV commercial, the spelling bee emcee played by Edu Manzano is asking a young contestant to spell the word “remittance.” The student upon thinking and remembering how his mother receives money coming for their father abroad which was sent through an LBC branch, answers, “Remittance: Capital L-B-C,” and Manzano acknowledges with a “Tumpak! (CORRECT!)”.

In two other versions, contestants are asked the spelling of words “affordable” and “Instant” to which they answer the same — “Capital L-B-C”.

Checkout the three videos:




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