Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can Nicanor "Nick" Perlas handle the Philippines?

With the Philippine election fever just around the corner, Presidential aspirants are now blowing some funds and delivering some hopes in their pre-campaign ads to achieve the highest position in the land.

A neophyte in Philippine politics has stand up and decided to jump in the bandwagon of people who will bring progress in this country and hopefully good governance.

He strongly believes that he is the right choice, Activist-Environmentalist Jesus Nicanor "Nick" Perlas is now positioning himself as a alternative to the traditional politician as he declared his interest to become the next President of the Philippines (if there will be election, Congress is still pursuing the constituent assembly to amend the Constitution).

In his recent statement, Nick said that “There are many Filipinos who have grown tired of elections where there are no real choices. We are tired of always having to choose the lesser evil."

He also added that he want justice and will pursue a case against President Arroyo who "damaged this country so much".

Nick is projecting that he can mobilize a million volunteers to show that excessive funds and political machinery can be match or beaten with honest voluntarism.

A agriculture degree graduate, he want to focus on agriculture, environment issues, poverty reduction, eliminating corruption and a framework that integrates the government, the business sector and civil society in nation-building.

But still the reality in Philippine politics especially in National election is who back-ups who, popularity and who got a deeper pocket.

Many will surely doubt if Nick can match those Political giants but remember there is a saying that "There is always a first time".

Can Filipinos reclaim authentic democracy in 2010 election? That's the question that we must think and reconsider. We need a measurable improvements in the next administration.

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