Saturday, November 14, 2009

Evangelist Tony Alamo sentenced to 175 years in prison for sex charges

Evangelist Tony Alamo (real name: Bernie Hoffman), the founder of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries will now live the rest of his life behind bars. The court sentenced him to 175 years in prison on multiple federal counts of taking minors across state lines to sexually abuse them .
"Given the number of victims and the difficult type of testimony they had to provide in order to get to trial, it's gratifying for them to see him get this sentence," he said. "Not only did they entrust their lives to him, he did it in the name of God. And he betrayed their trust."
Denying the accusations, Tony Alamo claims that this is a conspiracy, "They're just trying to make our church look evil ... by saying I'm a pornographer. Saying that I rape little children. ... I love children. I don't abuse them. Never have. Never will."

[image courtesy by AP Photo/Texarkana Gazette, Evan Lewis]

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