Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Manny Villar Noodles, controversial?

Many Filipinos are deeply battered by typhoon "Ondoy" (Ketsana) and typhoon "Pepeng" (Parma), right now international aids and local donations are now pouring in to help victims who are still living in evacuation centers and still stranded at their home.

Pagodkanaba blog wrote an article about a politician and his relief efforts which is good but somehow it delivered disgusting annoying impression. It seems doing deeds really has a price and an agenda.

Relief goods like can sardines, rice, instant noodles are being distributed by Senator Manny Villar's camp (I'm not anti nor pro Villar) but his interest to help are being doubted by some Filipinos. A photo from Pagodkanaba blog shows his picture is in the instant noodles.

All Filipinos knows that he is running for President in 2010 and it seems he forgot to take a timeout in campaigning or he simply don't want some people to claim the credits. (Lol!)

There are also other politicians doing this things. Later, I'll post it too.

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